Brunski Technical Services Inc’s Services

We have worked to team up with several partners to bring to our clients the best possible solutions to deal with their Information Technology (IT) needs! We have listed below the expanding list of solutions we are working hard to provide to all our clients as a result:

Basic Manged Services

Our basic services to protect any computer should have on any computer system regardless of customer size or experience.

Co-Managed Services

Already have an IT Department however, need assistance or experience from outside help? Perhaps you need assistance to add to the team outside of your IT Department we can help.

Compliance Services

Do you need to prove that you need to be compliant in certain compliance standard however, don’t know where to start? We can help show you the way to get to the standard you need to be at.

IT Operation Planning

Is your current IT up to specs or needs improvement? Do you need assistance in a plan to get to compliance standards? We will work with you to achieve these goals over a measurable period of time.

E-mail Security Solutions

Did you know that your business email can be on the Dark Web? Are your employees protential exposing your data to unknown persons? We can work to help minimize this these risks to your company emails.

Website Services

Do you have a WordPress or PhpBB forum that requires an upgrade or need a minor error fix? Do you need files transferred from one hosting to another hosting?

Hardware/Software Purchase Solutions

Do you require some new IT Hardware or Software program to be purchased or installed? We may be able to assist in helping?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Are you looking for a new Phone/Fax over IP system? We might be able to help you achieve this.

Secure Payments Services

Are you currently accepting credit cards, ACH payments or other electronic payment on your website or place of business? Is in PCI/DSS Compliance?


Are you in need of someone who can help you translate technical details for a new IT project? Need someone to help explain or instruct your staff some technical services?

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security has been on the rise every single day and needs to be migated as much as possible. Also thru one of our partners we can help you get cybersecurity insurance should you wish to purchase it.

Disaster/Recovery Backup Solutions

It is no longer a question of if a data disaster happens, it just a matter of question of when it happens are you prepared We have solutions that can help minigate downtime and the effect of such events and get you back to work.