Brunski Technical Services

Terms of Service


Updated: February 25, 2013

The following Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement is between Brunski Technical Services (henceforth referred as Brunski Technical, Us, We, and Our) and you the visitor to our website. If you disagree with any part of the agreement below please do not continue to use our website.

I. Age Restrictions

You affirmed that by using this website that you have reached the age of eighteen (18) or the age to agree to enter into a legal binding contract.  If you are unable to enter into a legal binding contract we will require your legal guardian to fill and sign a COPPA permission form that we provide for you to use the site.

II. Agreement to Our Other  Agreements

The following policies are also in effect on our site:

  1. Brunski Technical Services Privacy Policy which describes what information we, our affiliates and partnership partners collect from you and what purposes the information is used for.
  2. Brunski Technical Services Refund Policy which describes what products and services that we, our affiliates and partnership partners will and will not refund and other related refund issues.
  3. Brunski Technical Services Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that describes what the acceptable and unacceptable use of our services are and includes what penalties will be incurred for violations of said policies.
  4. Brunski Technical Services Anti-Spam Policy which describes  how we, our affiliate and partnerships partner treat your email address, what is consider spam and not spam, and what restrictions and penalties will be enforced on you for violations.
  5. Brunski Technical Services Affiliate Policy which describes what an affiliate can and cannot do as part of our general Affiliate Program.
  6. Brunski Technical Services Affiliate Link Policy which describes what we will and will not permit with outside affiliate links from our services. This policy also describes how we use affiliate links within our sites.
  7. Brunski Technical Services Partnership Policy which describes our relationship with our current and future partnerships and how they affect our relationship with you.
  8. Brunski Technical Services Earning Disclaimer Statement that describes our view regarding making money using our system.
  9. Brunski Technical Services Testimonial Policy that describes how we will use any testimonials that are submitted to us.

III.    Our Billing Policy

We as a convenience we send you as a client an invoice you 14 days before the invoice is due date to give you time to pay your bill in a timely manner. Your billing date is defined as the date you signup or upgrade your services

Our full billing policy is as such:

Products and Services (not including Domains and Self-Employment Memberships)

Initial invoices will be due immediately upon creation and services will not be approved until payment has been received. Once payment has been received it may take up to 48 hours to approve your services otherwise all sequential invoice are treated as such:

  • 14 days before your billing date we generate and send your invoice which.
  • 7 days after your invoice is due we will send your first overdue invoice and change you a late fee of $15.00.
  • 14 days after your invoice is due we will send your second overdue invoice.
  • 15 days after your invoice is due we will suspend your products and services with us.
  • 21 days after your invoice is due we will send your third and final invoice.
  • 90 days after your invoice is past due we will terminate your account your account with us.

Domains Billing

  • 60 days before your domain is due we will send your first domain renewal invoice.
  • 30 days before your domain is due we will send your second domain renewal invoice.
  • 15 days before your domain is due we will send your third domain renewal invoice.
  • 7 days before your domain is due we will send your fourth domain renewal invoice.
  • 1 day before your domain is due we will send your fifth and final domain renewal invoice.

Overages Charges Billing

We will charge you any overages charges for the previous month and include it on the next   month invoice, rather than bill you separately for the overage charges.

Self-Employment Memberships

Before access to membership service will be granted you are required to pay the membership fee subscription.

Your monthly subscription fee is automatically billed the same day each month unless cancelled by you.

If for any reason your service gets cancelled you will have access to all previous paid access except for any add-on services that will be converted to our standard service billing services.

If you at a later decide to resubscribe to our services you can continue at the place you left off and we will reconvert any add-on services back to your subscription.


IV.   Backups

Brunski Technical Services is not responsible for keeping an updated backup of your sites. It is your sole responsibility to keep an updated backup of your site files. We will restore your files that you have saved for free, however if Brunski Technical Services has to restore from our backups there is a fee of $15.00 per occurrence to do so.

V.  Account Access

You a re required to keep your account details secured at all times. You are responsible for all actions that are performed under your account.

Brunski Technical Services WILL NOT request your password for any reason unsolicited via email, chat etc. unless it is required to install a product or service that you request to be installed.

If you feel that your account has been compromised for any reason notify Brunski Technical Services via our support desk immediately so that we can perform the necessary steps to secure your accounts.

VI. Maintenance   Contracts

Brunski Technical Services offers maintenance contracts that are billed a month in advance for events that have yet not happened. While you continue paying for the service Brunski Technical Services will continue to service your accounts under the maintenance contracts. You are required to keep the most current information available to Brunski Technical Services so we can perform our duties. Failure to do may be grounds to suspend your account service until we receive the updated information.

VII. Hosting Accounts

You agree to follow our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) regarding what sites are and are not permitted to be hosted on our servers. Any violations of said polices will be dealt with accordingly based on which offense occurred. It is your responsibility to follow all polices that may be updated and referred to in section II of this Terms of Service.

VIII.   Self-Employment Membership

Brunski Technical Services Self-Employment Membership is govern by all of the policies in section II of this agreement. If you cancel your membership and which to continue to use non-membership items (i.e. hosting) you will be converted to a normal client account and be billed accordingly.

IX. Refusals, Terminations and Suspensions

Brunski Technical Services reserves the right to refuse, terminate or suspend any person or account with or without cause based on a case by case situation.

X. Changing in Server Location,  IP Address or Account Type

Brunski Technical Services reserves the right to change your server location on our servers, account type or ip address of you account at any time with or without notice based on needs of Brunski Technical Services.

XI. Limited Liability


Brunski Technical Services  reserves the right to change, modify this Terms of Service at any time with or without previous  notice given.