Brunski Technical Service

Refund Policy

Updated: February 26, 2013

The following refund policy is between Brunski Technical Services (henceforth referred as Brunski Technical, Us, We, Our) and you the visitor to our website. If you disagree with any portion of the following agreement please do not use our website.

What is Brunski Technical Service Refund Policy?

Brunski Technical Services Refund policy effects all products and services that Brunski Technical Services offers thru our websites or thru approved third parties.

What is the length of time that Brunski Technical Services refund policy is in effect?

Brunski Technical Services offers with exceptions a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on the majority of products and services that we offer to you.

What products, services or items are not covered by your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

The following list of items are not covered by Our Money Back Guarantee:

Domains purchased through  us regardless of reason are non-refundable

SSL/TLS Certificates purchased through  us are not refundable once purchased and installed by us or another third party.

All dedicated IP addresses assigned to you by our support staff for either  SSL/TLS Certificates or other purposes.

SiteLock products and services purchased thru us are not refundable.

All fees, overages charges (unless we overcharge you) and penalties incurred by you for abuse, or suspending of services. A partial list of fee, overages charges and penalties can be view via our web site at: and_Penalties

What happens if Brunski Technical Services revokes or suspends my account?

If Brunski Technical Services suspends or revokes your account for any reason, on any products or services that would normally be qualified to receive a refund, that guarantee of a refund  is voided.

If I have signed up for a yearly or multiple month subscription with your third party processor (ie Paypal, 2Checkout etc.) can I get a refund if I ant to cancel ?

If you have a  yearly or multiple month subscription and within 30 Days of start of said subscription you will be refunded the total amount you paid to us through that third party processor upon cancellation.  If you request an refund after 30 days you will receive a prorated refund based on the date  in your subscription period on which you  cancelled your subscription.  Please note: Brunski Technical Services can not cancel your yearly or monthly subscription with the third party processor, we will instruct you how to cancel the subscription so you will not be billed further by Brunski Technical Services.

How do I request a refund?

You can request a refund with our billing department thru our support portal or via Mail at the following address:


Brunski Technical Services
633 Franklin Avenue PMB 292
Nutley, NJ 07110-1209 

How long will before my refund will be processed and received?

Brunski Technical Services will process and refund your request within 4-6 weeks after request has been received.

How will I receive my refund?

You will receive your refund as a credit via the method you purchased (ie. Credit Card, Paypal account, Google Checkout account etc.) on our products and services.

What happens if I cancel my membership subscription?

You will retain access to all the products and services up to the day your cancel your subscription except any add-on service (web hosting, SSL/TLS certificates, domains etc.)which will be converted to standard products and services and billed as such.

What if I have any questions regarding this refund policy?

You can fill out a support ticket to our billing department or by mail at:

Brunski Technical Services
633 Franklin Avenue PMB 292
Nutley, NJ 07110-1209

Brunski Technical Services reserves the right to modify or change the above policy at any time and without notice.