Brunski Technical Services Funding Request


Brunski Technical Services

Funding  Request Breakdown


Thank you for taking the time to read this explanatory document of our GoFundMe and other resources request services. This document is a general overview of our financial and work project needs and targets over the next five years as of December 1, 2017, running thru December 1, 2022.


Brunski Technical Services  provides:

Website Hosting Services

  • Shared and Reseller Packages (Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers (thru partnership) expected to be offered 3rd Quarter 2018)
  • Third Party Domain Service Provider
  • Third Party SSL/TLS Provider


Website Developer Services

  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap 3 Sites (provide by 2nd Quarter  2018 at the latest PHP and MySQL services+ )
  • WordPress Sites installs/updates/upgrades
  • PhpBB installs/updates/upgrades
  • Most Web scripts upgrades/installs
  • Ecommerce sites/Marketplaces Sites (Amazon,eBay etc.)


Data Entry Services

  • Quote based services


Marketing Services

  • Social Media Setup
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Pay Per Impression Services
  • Keyword Research
  • Autoresponder Setup/ Integration Services


Technical Services (Remote unless  required)

  • One Time Services (Applies to Break and Fix, MSP and SLA Provider as well )
    • Remove and Replace or Repair Services
    • Virus/Malware Removal Services
    • Upgrade /Patch Services
    • Backup/Restore Services


  • Break and Fix Services
  • MSP (Managed Services Provider)
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement ) Provider
  • Network Design/Install/Upgrade Provider
  • Computer Design/Install/Upgrade Provider
  • Ask a Technician Service


Education/Fundraiser Services

  • Webinar
  • Raffle Services
  • Technician Mentoring
  • Business Mentoring
  • Physical Location Seminars/One Time Discussion/Classes


Future  Planned  (Subjected to Changed)

  • Regional “ Go Teams” (think in terms  what the  National Transportation Safety Board does only for technical services)
  • In-House Affiliate Network
  • Franchising
  • Rent/Lease/Loan Technical Equipment (for  time  equipment needs emergency or mission critical)
  • “Emergency Vehicles”/Remote Technician  Stations Vehicles (think regarding what an Emergency Ambulance/EMC  thinking the  1970’s show Emergency!, however  following local, state and federal laws )




 Customer Base

Brunski Technical Services  customer base has  several traits in common:

  • Aged between 40-65
  • sole entrepreneurs and or have  experience  in business  creation
  • affiliate marketers


Brunski Technical Services will continue to work with this age group and entrepreneurs however we are looking to expand our  reach with  the following groups:

  • Senior Citizens who are just learning how to use computers.
  • Affiliate Marketers who are just starting out.
  • Sole entrepreneurs who do not have an Information Technology( IT) or Information Systems (IS) Department.
  • Non-profit or not for profit organizations that need assistance  with IT or IS Department Matters
  • People who have never used a computer or IT services
  • Working with organizations that help the inner cities.


Primary Education and Person of the Company

The owner of the company, Michael J. Bruno, Jr. has experience in computer repair and setup of a computer system, 3rd party lockbox experience, and affiliate marketing. He is currently working on obtaining his Bachelor Degree in  Information Technology-Security with Western Governors University and plans to go for his Master Degree at Western Governors  University shortly after that.


He had and currently reads books on marketing and other subjects required to start this business from authors such as Dan Kennedy and has several mentors inside and outside the IT field to work on getting this business profitable.




Planned Schedule


This planned schedule is for December 1, 2017, thru December 1, 2022, the projected work to be completed baseline is an eight to twelve hour work days six days a week (Monday thru Saturday) averaging  50-80 hours a week. The variations in hours per week/day are due to planning for required meetings, religious obligations, local medical appointments and so forth.  Excluded is  Sunday where work will be light or not all subjected to an extreme situation.  We evaluate every three to six months starting on the 10th of the said month to prevent issues with reporting to local, state, or federal sales tax or another reporting requirement.  It is possible that due to conditions we may advance any item(s) ahead of schedule or push an item back. Any task that not completed in three consecutive time frames, ( excluding testing or when a requirement not met or regulatory filing ), will be looked at and evaluated and either moved, rescheduled, modified or dropped to a period that fits the scope of the task.



1 – 3 months


  • Improve skills to create  several websites development skills
  • Work on creating and updating the business website.
  • Update and create several policies for the business
  • Create Autoresponder series for marketing purposes
  • Create Banner and text ads for the business services
  • Work on creating and applying at freelance services to generate income  and create  goodwill
  • Work on Landing pages and  ad copy for  Safelists and  Traffic Exchanges
  • Learn new skills for  business services
  • Create initial two projects  planning stage


3 –  6 months


  • Continue repeating and testing those items from  1 -3 months
  • Working on creating and hiring  the essential  workers needed for the business
  • Review and update any marketing or policy created in first three months that don’t work out properly.
  • Work on and have by the end of  six months the  required 3- months  minimum  income  operating expenses reserve
  • Work to move any bill that is month to month to at least every quarter where possible


6 – 9 months

  •  Work on corporate business structure working on filing  paperwork  in  3-6 months
  • Continue working on first six months  projects and paperwork
  • Audit company procedures and  work orders
  • Work on by having a 3-month and 6-month minimum income operating expenses reserves by the end of nine months
  • Work on generating  income for  both projects  that were in the planning stage with estimates based on the planning stage
  • Move any month to month or  quarterly charges to bi-annual if possible to do so
  • Continue to refine job descriptions and  hiring workers for the business
  • Start planning and estimating expenses for three locations that should be in place no later than twenty-four months start of this business.
  • The locations will be in general areas of:
    • Kearny, NJ
    • Newark, NJ
    • Long Island, New York

9 – 12 months


  • Continue the work plans for the previous  nine months  revising with changes as is necessary
  • Work on nailing down expenses for  three, six and nine-month income operating expense reserves by the twelve month
  • Work on moving monthly,  quarterly, bi-annual to  yearly expenses when it is possible
  • Work on finishing paperwork for corporation and file by the end of the twelve month
  • Complete hiring of essential  worker for the business
  • Start the ball rolling on the locations outlined in six to nine months goals
  • Work on starting the physical  work  required for both projects based on income available to allotted to them with work completed no later than eighteen months


12- 18 months


  • Continue to work on all goals from the previous twelve months  to completion
  • Every three months audit and test and revise as is necessary
  • Complete projects that  started in month one by the end of the eighteen month
  • Work to move any month to month, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly charges to one year and six months if possible
  • Make sure that 3-months, 6-months, and  12-months  minimum income operating expenses reserves by the end of the eighteen month
  • Work to be completed at least at 60% of the three locations listed in six to nine months.



18 – 24 months (2 years)


  • Work is completed and opened in the three locations  that  referred to six to nine-month timeframe
  • We continue the work that we have been doing for the past eighteen months upgrading, revising, testing and adjusting as is required


24 – 48 months ( 2  to 4 years)


  • We will take this timeframe to fine-tune  and fix any issues that had crept up in the past 24 months
  • We are looking to expand past the three locations by 36 months
  • We will work on creating franchising opportunities and other future expansions options
  • We will also start planning for another five-year plan and add  more services/products


48 – 60 months ( 4 to  5 year)

  •  We will continue the work that we started during years 2 to 4 years period with changes if warranted
  • We will start working on and start the next five-year plan with additional products and services as well expansion that we feel will work past what is already in place at the conclusion of year five.


Financial Request


The following is a general breakdown of what we will be doing with any financial income coming from our GoFundMe and other request services. Our initial request for  $150,000.00 is broken down into three parts $100,000.00 for the startup of the business to stay functional, $25,000.00 each for two projects that have been in several delay states and needed to complete. The business currently makes less than  $1,000.00 a month in any given month and needs to be improved while henceforth the projected monthly break down section above. All money generated will be saved and used for the below breakdown minus any fees that the services charge to use their services to generate the money.


Money generated  as part of doing business minus fees will be used to either as:


  • Paying or creating required services to move business forward
  • Create minimum  income  operating expenses reserve
  • Payments for tax purposes (local, state, federal)
  • Tithing and other goodwill causes (these are taken out of day to day operating income and not part of our initial request)
  • Cover expenses that are over budget
  • Cover salaries of employees
  • Reduce the required initial request need



The  following a more detail look  at what the initial request will be used for:


PurposeExpected Estimated Amount Required
Project 1A Upgrading an IT infrastructure to a non-profit organization that would not normally  afford to do so$25,000.00
Project 1B Setting up and upgrading an IT infrastructure of a profit company that would not be able to afford the ability to do so$25,000.00
Brunski Technical Services IT infrastructure  (not including web servers)$15,000.00
Brunski Technical Services  web servers ( 5 servers @ approx $275.00-$350.00 x 3 month (including software licenses to use the servers/configuration ) )$4,125 to $5,250
BusinesS incorporation$3,500.00
Business software  licenses$10,000.00
Business licenses$5,000.00
Marketing Budget (initial outlay)$15,000.00


Business tools and software to do business$10,000.00
Employee  Salaries (not including owner) and benefits ( 3 months)$10,000.00
Opening  of  separate Business  bank account for D&B credit service requirement (variable deposit is to cover the difference between cost of the web servers above)$10,000.00 to $11,125
Taxes, training, fees and  other Misc expenses that are not currently expected or to cover an overbudgeted item expense$16,250.00




If any item purpose comes under the budgeted amount that is allowed for the item, then the difference will be either added to another budget item that is over budget or will be saved in reserve outside of normal business income generation.




Brunski Technical Services would like to thank you in advance for any donations you can give to our business financial startup goals. We would also like to thank you for any input or guidance you can give regarding our goals. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send an email to